Poster Printing

Got a BIG Message to communicate? Do it with BIG posters from Kiss Graphics!

You'll be surprised just how imposing and eye catching Large Format Posters look. We've a wide range of quality papers to add even more impact to your message and give you the flexibility to display them where you want.

We provide a fast, efficient poster printing service, and most jobs are printed the same day that we receive them. We print on high quality bright white coated 160gsm card as standard. For the best results, your file must be as high resolution as possible.

Sizes A2, A1, A0 and over (up to 42” wide) 

Can be laminated or foamboard mounted for added protection and durability

Perfect for presentations, wall displays, exhibitions, photos, and adverts. 

Information about poster printing 

When you decide to print posters for your company or for a certain project there are several pointers you must remember when you choose your poster printing service. This is important since not all poster printing companies are alike.

Some printers in Leeds are  jacks of all trades but we specialise in printing many different types of poster . Knowing these properties may help you ease your poster printing task. It will save you time and lessen the chances of committing to a printer that you may suddenly realise is not right for you.

Below are several properties that you should consider when choosing a poster printing company. Judge poster printing services from this criteria and you will find the best printer and best value for your custom poster printing tasks.

Online or Offline?

The first major option when choosing a poster printing service is if it is online or offline. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the ease with which you want the process to be handled, or the attention to detail that you want to focus on, you can choose from these two options. With the advent of the Internet, a lot of companies are moving online. In fact some companies offer all their services over the Internet without having a formal commercial office.

This makes it easier for you if you don't want to do a lot of footwork. For online poster printing, all the poster design issues, and printing transactions happen from your computer. You also have the ability to browse through an online printer's various services, and you can checkout the poster prices .

The downside here is that you will not be actually there as the posters get printed. With this kind of loss of attention, we have found that some of our competitors detail's get “lost in translation” as clients and publishers may not understand each other perfectly . To remedy this ,we can supply a sample output of the poster, for a very small cost to ensure the client is completely happy .

Of course “offline” printing is the way kiss graphics works . You may need to be actually in our office to be able to decide on certain details of poster printing. There might be some “back and forth”  going on as you visit us to further refine the details for a posters. The advantage of this is that you can really communicate what you want to appear in the full colour poster. Since the way you talk, and your body language can really tell the agent of the poster printing company how your really want things done. This attention to detail will reward you with a better poster deign.

Offset or Digital

A lot of printers are now switching to digital. Since most designs today appear in digital format, digital colour printers would be an expected choice for printing full colour posters. Digital printing provides a fast and easy way to create a poster from the file. If your schedule for poster printing has a deadline you might want this option since digital printing is a simple as bringing the image to us to have it printed out.

Quantity and speed

Speed of course is also something to be of concern. If you have a strict schedule to your project, try and choose the quickest possible printer with the most number of colour posters produced in an hour. This may give you all the posters that you need at the right time, but it may impair the quality of the posters. If however you still have to print and adjust your ideas, they you can choose a printer with a little bit more attention to detail and overall quality of the poster.

What materials

Also try to know what kind of materials and dimensions a company is capable of handling. This may give you a brief understanding on the scale of their operation and their special abilities. Bigger companies may have better packages, and more extensive options on different kinds of poster printing material. Small firms though may have lesser services, but would be worth it in terms of the attention they can give you with your poster printing task. We have the ability to work with anything . If you require special materials and dimensions, then we can definitely help . If you want things to have a smaller scale, and you have a smaller poster printing job then we also have an offer for this as well .

All in all, these factors are the main criteria with which you must judge any poster printer,not just us . Location, Quality, Speed and Capability should be hallmarks of a good and fast poster printing company. Always choose the best printers for your posters so that they can be produced at the best quality possible, in the fastest time with the right cost for you.At Kiss this is exactly what we guarantee to do