Business Card Printing Leeds

You should always take your business card printing seriously. This is because a business card is the salelsman who should never leave the building once you have been there. It carries on your work after you've moved on to your next prospect or customer.

To get maximum value form your business card printing we have many techniques to make it work harder for you, such as using a folding business card which increases your sales message. Call us to discuss our creative methods of using your business cards to bring in more business.

Whats one of the most common questions asked in business today? Do you have a businees card please.

This being the case most business people will be handing out business cards every day of their business life , which is why the design of your business cards should be given special consideration. 

If you don't give the design some thought this is a missed opportunity to leave a lasting memory jogger with your new contact. 

Much has been talked about business card printing. There are plenty of convincing reasons raised, both practical and logical explanations, describing the utility and necessity of business cards.

However, do business cards really hold well against the challenges of the changing times? In this modern era of mobile phones, PDAs, e-mails and other electronic gadgets, how does the business card remain steadfast?

Business card printing is here for the long run for the following reasons:

1. Business cards entitles a relationship based on trust. Wherein the physical presence of a business card as a material leaves an imprint, something that is tangible. It breaks the barriers of indifference which can hinder in building networks or connections.

2. Business cards, like most printed materials, holds some weight to it. It hold the pretext that anything printed carries relevance or of importance.

3. Business cards are customary. There are even ceremonies required in certain cultures upon exchanging and receiving business cards. Business cards are not accessories. It acts outs as a symbol or channel that further cements business relationships.

4. Business cards are still the most widely recognised material that offers not just contact details but a formal and commonly understood gesture.

It automatically instigates a welcoming or accommodating wave with regards to doing business.

5. Business cards conveniently stacks up all the needed details in its compact frame. Making it more handy and portable than modern gadgets.

6. It advertises and promotes one’s services or products easily. Likewise, business cards can also be designed to be an aggressive print material through the use of use various concepts on design and such.

7. Business cards effectively makes you and your business known for, as a print medium, it commands an eye-catching design that people can easily remember. Unlike the register of pure numbers, a great business card design, its actual feel and colour can make it all the more memorable.

Business card printing, though it is pitted against technology, benefits greatly from it. Business cards designs can be optimised to suit your tastes and your intended styles with the use of the latest technologies. It can, especially, be made over through custom printing.

Your most demanding details or intricacies in design can be fully captured with special jobs or spot colouring. Spot colours call for the most accurate colours possible on your prints. If you are readily identified for your signature colour, then this is the best way to go.

Pre-blended inks can be bought to specifically match the colours of your brand or company. It would emphasise and distinguish your business cards from others and contribute greatly in promoting brand recall. As a result, it would not just create stunning, full colour prints, but one that is distinct and engaging as well.

Professional printers offer other materials to be used in business card printing. This includes plastics and magnetic cards.

Although the above mentioned cards are more hardy, nothing equates to the elegant appeal of business cards printed in quality paper. Plastics and magnetic cards may bend without altering their appearance and they may stand up to some of the most damaging elements encountered by ordinary business cards, but they just aren’t the same.

Call it old school, but there is something nostalgic and intimate about business card printing that plastic and magnetic cards fail to imbibe. Nevertheless, there lie the variety offered in today’s world. If it the material communicates your own insights or values, then using a plastic or magnetic business card would be all for the better.

Business card printing and business cards are found on the most basic level of human interaction, a simple hello, a simple introduction. At Kiss graphics we make your business card mean business.